Mule Gallery

Long serving Muffin Heriott, manning the show stand for The British Mule Society.  Muffin had a long career with owner Gill and excelled at driving.

Meg the History Mule!  Meg takes part in military re-enactments and film work with her owner Andy.  A beautiful and very large lady!

Ruby wistfully ponders what it would be like to live in Blenheim Palace, she's sure the stables have plenty of ear clearance! A mule can dream.....

Ruby packs it on for her public, she shows just how versatile mules can be.

Monty the Mini Mule poses for the camera.  He is a mini shetland x miniature mediterranean donkey and measures in at a whopping 8 hands high.

Hacking out on Dartmoor, enjoying the view.

The Animals in War memorial in Hyde Park, London.  This memorial has two mules as its centrepiece and commemorates the service of many animals during wartime.  The British Mule Society attends each Armistice Day to remember the sacrifice of mules in wartime