Thursday, 9 July 2015

Mule Camp  24th-26th July 2015

Turn up on Friday 24th
  Settle in and Meal out at the local pub in the evening.

Saturday 25th: Day - hack out in the local countryside. Set up and practice
Western night in the evening £5 per person £10 for a family ticket.
Includes  veggie or beef chilli and mulled cider and soft drink.
Please also bring your own drink and a wrapped cheese for the cheese board!

Sunday 26th. 10am: Open to the general public free admission 

Western theme with events including
Condition and turn out
Barrel racing
Key hole
Dolly Parton race!
All events can be done ridden or in-hand!
All campers must pre reserve. £20 for non members for the weekend.
Also ticket only for the western night!

Contact Jaqui  01959 523801

Please support our event with or without your mule.